Exhibitors and Sectors

Stand: 17.05.2017

CompanyCountry Exhibition sectorStand number
ADAMAUkraine Trial FieldFG1 FG2 FH1 FH2
ADFZGermany/Ukraine Trial FieldFE3
BayerUkraine Trial FieldFE1 FE2 FF1 FF2
BTU-CenterUkraine Trial FieldFI1
Danube AgroUkraine Trial FieldFC1
DLG UkraineGermany/Ukraine Trial FieldFE3
IFWexpo HeidelbergGermany Trial FieldFE3
Mais DnepropetrovskUkraine Trial FieldFB3
Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans- Georg Lembke KGGermany Trial FieldFA1
Norex Norika Exportgesellschaft mbHGermany Trial FieldFE4
N.U. Agrar GmbHGermany Trial FieldFC4 FD4
NUBIPUkraine Trial FieldFF3
Organic StandardUkraine Trial FieldFB4
Organic Federation UkraineUkraine Trial FieldFB4
Project German and Ukrainian cooperation in organic farming, by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of GermanyGermany/Ukraine Trial FieldFB4
Saaten UnionGermany Trial FieldFB1
StefesGermany Trial FieldFA3 FA4
StollerUSA Trial FieldFH3-FG3
StrubeGermany Trial FieldFA3 FA4
SyngentaUkraine Trial FieldFD1 FD2 FC2
UniferUkraine Trial FieldFA2 FB2
ValagroItaly Trial FieldFC3 FD3
AgrospeczapchastynaUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS22
AgoresursUkraine Machinery ExhibitionID44
Agro shlyahUkraine Machinery ExhibitionID9
AgrimatcoUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS23, ID8
Astra GroupUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS13
BeinlichGermany Machinery ExhibitionID1
Case IHGermany Machinery ExhibitionID19-ID20
GeoprospectorsUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS29
Jupiter 9 AgroserviceUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS11, ID2-ID5
HolmerGermany Machinery ExhibitionS15
HaldrupGermany Machinery ExhibitionS24
HORSCHGermany Machinery ExhibitionID6-ID7
Innovatsiyny agrarniy center KievUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS30
ItalgroupUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS21
Konkord-GeiUkraine Machinery ExhibitionID13
KroneGermany Machinery ExhibitionID9
Landwirtschaftliche Dienstleistungen BeckursGermany Machinery ExhibitionS30


Ukraine Machinery Exhibition S28, ID10-12
RauchGermany Machinery ExhibitionS25
RopaUkraine Machinery ExhibitionID15
UkrNDIPVTUkraine Machinery ExhibitionS26
VäderstadUkraine Machinery ExhibitionID16
WeidemannGermany Machinery ExhibitionID9
WintersteigerAustria Machinery ExhibitionS21
Zürn Harvesting GmbH & Co. KGGermany Machinery ExhibitionS12
Agrimatco /JactaUkraine Demonstration fieldCD4
AmazoneUkraine Demonstration fieldCD7
BerthoudFrance Demonstration fieldCD6
Househam SprayersUK Demonstration fieldCD5
HorschGermany Demonstration fieldCD3
Jupiter 9 Agroservice (Jonh Deer)Ukraine Demonstration fieldCD1
LemkenUkraine Demonstration fieldCD2
Spectr-AgroUkraine Demonstration fieldCD8
Tecnoma/AgroresursUkraine Demonstration fieldCD9
AgrithekaUkraine Campus OutdoorCO201
Autosummit UkraineUkraine Campus OutdoorCO111
AgroscopUkraine Campus OutdoorCO402
APD/AgritradeGermany/Ukraine Campus OutdoorCO107
Ambros SchmelzerGermany Campus OutdoorCO204
GalpodshipnikUkraine Campus OutdoorCO304
Innovation Agricultural Center UkraineUkraine Campus OutdoorCO203
Industriehof ScherenbostelGermany Campus OutdoorCO105
KhersonautodatilyUkraine Campus OutdoorCO103
KvadratUkraine Campus OutdoorCO301
LimagrainFrance Campus OutdoorCO305
M-RadUkraine Campus OutdoorCO403
TehnikaUkraine Campus OutdoorCO104
OLAMBTSUkraine Campus OutdoorCO202
ProCreditBankUkraine Campus OutdoorCO102
StaphytFrance Campus OutdoorCO206
Starco/BohnekampUkraine Campus OutdoorCO101
SprayforceUkraine Campus OutdoorCO400
StollerUSA Campus OutdoorCO302
UCABUkraine Campus OutdoorCO401
ValagroItaly Campus OutdoorCO205
Zahidniy BugUkraine Campus OutdoorCO106
AgrotopGermany Campus Indoor 
Müller ElektronikGermany Campus Indoor