Exhibition Topics
Group 1: Plant Breeding

Plant Breeding; Grain and Vegetables Cultivation; Sorts and Hybrids of Agricultural Plants; Seed and Planting Material; Breeding Methods; Biotechnology and Medical Plants

Group 2: Plant Nutrition

Mineral Fertilisers; Secondary Raw Materials and Cultivation Substrates; Organic Manure; Microelements and Trace Nutrients; Soil Conditioning Agents and Plant Aids; Nitrification Inhibitors

Group 3: Plant Protection

Plant Protection Agents; Plant Treatment Agents; Additives and Wetting Agents; Cleaning Agents; Indication; Alternative, Phytosanitary Methods; Pest Control and Prevention of Game Damage

Group 4: Plant Production

Soil Cultivation; Cultivation Methods and Field Trials; Advice on Cultivation; Special Crops; Irrigation and Melioration

Group 5: Electronics and Mechanics

Machinery, Installations and Equipment for Measuring, Weighing and Analysing; Machinery, Installations and Equipment for Cleaning and Dosing; Machinery, Installations and Equipment for Infra-red and Sensor Technology; Precision Farming Technology; GPS-Navigation; Digital Field Maps

Group 6: Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment and Supplies for Field Trials; Models and Equipment Parts for Plant Production; Technology for Climate Control, Transport and Storage of Agricultural Products; Storage and Conditioning; Technology and Equipment for Conservation of Verges, Edge Strips and Paths; Components; Equipment Accessories and Spare Parts; Pumps; Tyres and Wheels; Equipment and Machinery for Lifting and Loading

Group 7: Machinery and Equipment for Plant Production

Combine Harvesters, Tractors; Small-scale Mechanization; Machinery and Equipment for Soil Tilling, Sowing, Planting and Harvesting; Equipment for Fodder Production and Storage; Equipment for Chemical Protection and Fertilisation; Components and Spare Parts

Group 8: Machinery and Equipment for Animal Breeding

Equipment for Poultry Farms and Livestock Complexes; Equipment for Manure Handling and Dunging; Equipment for Processing and Utilisation of Livestock Waste; Genetics; Veterinary Products; Feed Industry

Group 9: Agriculture and Environment

Integrated Plant Production; Ecological (Organic) Farming; Renewable Raw Materials and Bioenergy; Set-aside and Fallow Land; Soil and Water Protection; Waste-free Production

Group 10: Management, Consultancy and Information

Electronic Data Processing and Agri-software; Farm Management and Bookkeeping; Budgeting and Controlling in Agriculture; Weather Data; Trade and Marketing, Transport and Logistics; Financial Services; Insurances; Market Research, Services and Consultancy; Quality Assurance Systems, Documentation, Certification; Media and Publishers

Group 11: Agricultural Organizations

Federations; Associations; Producer Communities

Group 12: Science and Research

Science and Research; Sector Authorities; Research Institutions; Schools and Universities

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